Project Irresistible Course Outline

Module 1 Who are you, really?
Unit 1 1a. Who are you really?
Unit 2 1b. Exercise: Your highest vision of yourself
Unit 3 1c. Ground Rules for Growth
Unit 4 1d. Exercise: Your values
Unit 5 1e. Exercise: Relationship Assets
Unit 6 1f. What is this self thing anyway?
Unit 7 1g. Exercise: Galaxy Consciousness
Unit 8 1h. You and men
Unit 9 1i. Goals and expectations
Unit 10 1j. Session 1 Assignments
Unit 11 Session 1: Bonus lecture
Unit 12 References
Module 2 Self-Love: The Foundation of All Relationship
Unit 1 2a. Session 2: Are you ready for love?
Unit 2 2b. Exercise: Projecting Love
Unit 3 2c. Exercise: The Love Response with Dr Eva Selhub
Unit 4 Session 2: Bonus lecture
Unit 5 2d. Session 2 Assignments
Module 3 Find: Where the Good Guys Are
Unit 1 3a. Three kinds of men, three kinds of relationship
Unit 2 3b. Kill The Prince
Unit 3 3c. Perfect vs perfect for you + How to spot Bad Boys
Unit 4 3d. How to spot Good Guys
Unit 5 3e. How to get a Good Guy interested in you
Unit 6 3f. Exercise: The Ideal Man
Unit 7 3g. Secrets of healthy sensuality and sexuality
Unit 8 3h. Three easy steps to finding the kind of guy you would want
Unit 9 3i. The worst places to meet men
Unit 10 3j. Exercise: How to cultivate your sexual energy
Unit 11 Session 3: Bonus lecture
Unit 12 3k. Assignments for Session 3
Module 4 Meet: Making Meaningful Contact
Unit 1 4a. Reclaim your power
Unit 2 4b. Initiating conversations
Unit 3 4c. Exercise: Your Powerful Positive Intent
Unit 4 4d. How to get men to approach you
Unit 5 4e. Six key principles for meeting men
Unit 6 4f. How to start conversations with men
Unit 7 Session 4: Bonus lecture
Unit 8 4g. Session 4 Assignments
Module 5 Attract: Foolproof Strategies for Bringing Good Guys into Your Life
Unit 1 5a. How to attract with your physical presence
Unit 2 5b. The three levels of attraction: Mind, Heart, Body
Unit 3 5c. How to attract with the heart
Unit 4 5d. Exercise: Practicing Devotion
Unit 5 5e. How to create deep rapport and passion
Unit 6 Session 5: Bonus lecture
Unit 7 5f. Session 5 Assignments
Module 6 Putting It All Together: Advanced Strategies and How to Keep a Man Worth Keeping
Unit 1 6a. Enlightened self-interest in action
Unit 2 6b. Exercise: How to compliment a guy
Unit 3 6c. Three secrets of rapid connection
Unit 4 6d. Three ways to make a man fall in love with you
Unit 5 6e. Behaviors to avoid on a date
Unit 6 6f. How to be irresistible
Unit 7 6g. Essential dating etiquette
Unit 8 6h. How to keep a relationship worth keeping
Unit 9 Session 6: Bonus lecture
Unit 10 6i. Session 6 Assignments & Course Conclusion
Module 7 Session 1: Bonus lecture
There are no units in this module.
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